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New Polyurethanes Adheres to the Substrate in Critical Buried and Immersion Conditions

Power Polymer Coatings (PPC) announces the availability of POWERTHANE, a new generation product line of aromatic, 100% solids, zero VOC, rigid polyurethane coatings with excellent adhesion to a substrate and disbondment resistance in critical buried and immersion conditions. Consisting of three product groups (POWERTHANE 100, POWERTHANE 200, and POWERTHANE PW), POWERTHANE is ideal for protecting external and internal surfaces of pipelines, storage tanks, power poles, and other steel structures for underground, sub-immersion or immersion applications.

It has been a technical challenge for many 100% solids polyurethane and polyurea coatings available currently in the marketplace, regardless whether those polyurethanes/polyureas are elstomeric or rigid, to perform excellently in terms of long term adhesion to a substrate and cathodic disbondment resistance. These two performance requirements, however, are very critical for heavy duty and long term corrosion protection. To ensure the performance, a coating manufacturer would often demand the coating applicator for extremely controlled substrate surface preparation and cleanness. Even so, random performance results are often obtained.

PPC recognizes there is nothing wrong to ensure the substrate surface is clean and well-prepared prior to applying a coating. However, PPC also understands that sky is the limit for technology and develops a special engineering formulation in its POWERTHANE product line. The powerful formulation results in the more user friendliness of the coating products and ensures achievement of the consistent results in related performance testing such as cathodic disbondment resistance, and wet adhesion.