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The Powerful Tank Coating and Lining Solutions

One of PPC’s goals is to deliver powerful high performance coating and lining solutions for tank applications in a cost effective way. From underground to aboveground, from interior to exterior, from primary lining to secondary containment, from water/wastewater to petrochemical, from storage tanks to reservoirs, from trucks to processing equipment, from food contact to seawater ballast tanks, from coating or lining during the hot summer to cold winter, PPC brand of products offers solutions that will make your tank coating and lining project a success.

PPC’s powerful tank coating and lining solutions provide significant advantages which you should take in the corrosion protection of tanks of many types:

  1. Ultimate safety: Most PPC’s tank coating and lining products are 100% solids, zero V.O.C, non flammable, low or no odor, non carcinogenic, containing no coal tar or other hazardous chemical ingredients, complied with worker’s safety and environmental regulations and requirements;
  2. Money saving due to high throughput and quick application: PPC main tank coating and lining products can set at virtually any climate temperatures, winter and summer. Features such as direct-to-metal (DTM), high build with a single pass or unlimited build with a single coat multi-pass application, fast cure and standard cure requiring no post curing, and high hardness and quick film property development mean a high throughput and time saving in your tank coating/lining project using PPC’s products. Shop coated/lined tanks can be shipped out within minutes or hours, while field coated/lined tanks can be put into service within hours rather than days;
  3. User friendly applications: As a result of our special engineering formulation technology and our No. 1 design criterion - “Making our customers succeed, rather than just meeting their requirements or denying their problems”, PPC’s 100% solids polyurethane and epoxy coatings are the most user friendly products available in today’s 100% solids coating market. Unique formulating properties such as 1:1 mixing ratio by volume, balanced viscosities, easy dynamic mixing, wider off-ratio tolerant range, hydrophobic molecules, edge retention, and longer recoat capability are available with most PPC’s tank coating/lining products. These properties are needed particularly for projects at extreme harsh conditions such as field conditions, extreme hot or cold climates, complex tank structures, difficult to access, low equipment maintenance, etc.
  4. Powerful performance: PPC uses the industry’s toughest testing methods and criteria to qualify its lining products on chemical and corrosion resistance. For exterior application, Florida weathering testing is used to ensure PPC’s external coating products to possess superior UV and weather resistance.

Simply follow on the below coating product selecting guide for your need of tank protection. For more information, contact your local PPC representatives:

Selecting Guide for PPC’s Tank Coating Products



External Protection - Aboveground

Standard protection:

  • Direct-to-Metal application (An one coat aliphatic polyurethane coating for corrosion and weather protection and UV/color retention)


Critical protection

  • A two coat system (An aromatic polyurethane base coat for heavy duty corrosion protection and an aliphatic polyurethane top coat for weather protection as well as UV/color retention)


External Protection - Belowground

  • Corrosion protection for buried or sub-buried tank constructions


Internal Protection

Potable water application:


Standard non-potable water application:

  • Lining and immersion service in standard domestic sewerage water, seawater, or industrial water applications
  • Normal operating temperatures (up to 50°C or 122°F)


Critical non-potable water application:

  • Lining and immersion service in more critical and aggressive wastewater, seawater, or industrial water applications.
  • Operations at medium operating temperatures (up to 90°C or 195°F)


Aggressive chemicals application:

  • Lining and immersion service in highly aggressive acids, alkaline, fuel, solvents environments
  • Operations at high operating temperatures (up to 121°C or 250°F)


Field Tanks, Field Repair, And Rehabilitation

Spray application

One of the above POWERTHANE products

Hand application


Touch-Up application

Touch-up materials for the above POWERTHANE products