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The New Leadership in Pipeline Coating Technology

PPC (Power Polymer Coatings) strives for providing a new leadership in pipeline coating technology, by delivering powerful high performance coating solutions to the pipeline industry in a cost effective way. In the development of pipe coating systems the introduction of liquid, solvent free coatings know as 100% solids has been an important improvement. 100% solids coatings combine a number of advantages of technical, economical and ecological nature. The introduction of 100% solids products provides an application process where solvent emission is eliminated, thus reducing fire and explosion hazards.

In a cost effective one step coating operation a 100% solids coating can be applied at a high film thickness providing a long lasting protection against corrosion. The properties of 100% solids can also be formulated to meet the stringent standards required for the internal lining of potable water transportation systems. The requirements not only demand an excellent resistance of the coating under submersed conditions, but also the coating should neither affect the taste and flavour of the drinking water, nor should it migrate into the water in such quantities that can injurious to the health of the consumer. Due to their characteristics, 100% solids are also suitable for the protection of the interior and exterior of steel pipe lines to meet specific requirements. The properties of 100% solids can withstand aggressive chemical attack, which will occur in sewage and wastewater systems for example.

PPC’s new leadership in pipeline coating technology is based on our complete understanding on customers’ requirements. Principals at PPC  have in-depth knowledge on the pipe coating project history as well as all the technical issues and demands possessed by key municipal utilities, top corrosion engineering firms, major steel and ductile iron pipe manufacturers in the U.S. and internationally. Whatever technical challenges you may have in your pipe coating need, we will have a technical solution or recommendation for you.

PPC advanced 100% solids, high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings feature:

  • Superior physical characteristics
  • 100% solids, zero V.O.C, non flammable, non carcinogenic
  • Set at virtually any temperature, winter and summer
  • Direct-to-metal (DTM) application
  • High build with a single pass; unlimited build with a single coat multi-pass application
  • Fast cure and standard cure requiring no post curing
  • High hardness and quick film property development
  • Can be put into service within hours rather than days
  • Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance and long term adhesion
  • NSF Standard 61 Potable Water rating available
  • Convenient touch up kits

Simply follow on the below coating product selecting guide for your need of pipeline protection. For more information, contact your local PPC representatives:

Selecting Guide for PPC’s Pipeline Coating Products



External Protection

Standard application:

  • Buried and sub-immersed pipeline constructions at ambient temperatures
  • Normal operating temperatures (up to 50°C or 122°F)


Critical application:

  • Buried and sub-immersed pipeline constructions and operations at medium operating temperatures (up to 90°C or 195°F)
  • Critical installations such as HDD (horizontal directional drilling, etc.)



  • Weather and UV protection as well as color retention

A base coat of POWERTHANE 120 or 200 plus a top coat of POWERTHANE 330

Internal Protection

Potable water application:


Standard non-potable water application:

  • Lining and immersion service in standard domestic sewerage water, seawater, or industrial water applications
  • Normal operating temperatures (up to 50°C or 122°F)


Critical non-potable water application:

  • Lining and immersion service in more critical and aggressive wastewater, seawater, or industrial water applications.
  • Operations at medium operating temperatures (up to 90°C or 195°F)


Field Joints, Field Repair, And Rehabilitation

Spray application

One of the above POWERTHANE products

Hand application


Touch-Up application

Touch-up materials for the above POWERTHANE products