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Rapid Coating Solutions for Marine Applications

PPC’s high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings are specifically engineered to provide corrosion protection to structures such as shipboard ballast tanks, combined holding tanks (CHT), marine pipe pilings and sheet pilings, offshore oilfield platforms, and so on, in harsh marine environments.

PPC advanced 100% solids, high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings feature:

  • Superior physical characteristics
  • 100% solids, zero V.O.C, non flammable, non carcinogenic
  • Set at virtually any temperature, winter and summer
  • Direct-to-metal (DTM) application, no primer is required
  • High build with a single pass; unlimited build with a single coat multi-pass application
  • Fast cure and standard cure requiring no post curing
  • High hardness and quick film property development
  • Edge retention capable of meeting the requirements of US NAVY MIL-PRF-2326C Speicifications
  • Can be put into service within hours rather than days
  • Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance and long term adhesion
  • Convenient touch up kits
For more detailed information on PPC's products for your need of marine please contact us by email or contact your local PPC representatives.